getting started

Getting started
Getting started

Above is a snapshot of some of my tinctures, essential oils and synthetics…and they just keep growing. Almost all are at 10% dilutions some of the more stronger synthetics are 3%. You’ll also need some plastic, disposable droppers and some smelling strips.

Here are the lists that I’ve compiled of all of the raw materials I am currently working with that I said I’d post. My Raw Materials List  and The Language of Perfumes.The first gives you a look at what I’m working with.  I’ve also printed them out for myself for a quick glance at what I’ve got without having to go rummaging through the actually bottles themselves. The other list is a starting off point to prime the creative pump while working on training the nose when smelling the scent strips.  Sometimes words can escape us or what I’ve found as a beginner, is that I just don’t have and am not comfortable yet using certain words to describe the impression a scent is making on me.  This list I find really helpful.

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3 thoughts on “getting started

  1. I can’t recall how I had stumbled across your blog but I enjoyed reading it fully from start to finish (your last entry being August 2nd, 2013). I am also new to the artistic world of perfume creation, with only 31 naturals and 16 aroma chemicals thus far, and I look forward to reading about your growth of knowledge and skills.

    Would it be at all possible to recreate the links in this post? I would be curious on the listing of your “starting” collection back in May of this year.

    Thank you Maxine for sharing with your wonderful writing.


    1. Hi Martin, thanks for stopping by. So glad you had a good read with the posts, this really gives me motivation to continue writing. It’s also wonderful to connect with a fellow perfumer. Welcome!

      I will do my best to recreate the links but I’m not sure what you mean, can you explain? 🙂

      Thanks again for sharing your enthusiasm! Looking forward to connecting again.



  2. Ooops! Just checked my links and now I know what you mean, will fix the links to that asap.


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