the ordinary moments


Most creatives either snub it or embrace it but there’s no denying the fact that a routine, however loose or rigid it may be, graces one with the structure necessary to develop an ability or skill.

To be honest I’m usually busy co-caring for my in-laws, my day job, cleaning a farily big house, and making sure that our four-legged friend gets regular walks that a routine looks more like a sunny day in Vancouver. Hit and miss.

I am one of those creatives that finds routines grounding. I love it for this. But, there is this secret (yet very powerful) part of me that fears the customary. There’s something about pinning things down and the lack of freedom that I associate with a routine that makes me cringe inside, too.

That being said, here’s what I aim for most days to give maximum reign to my creativity while still allowing a structure for the energy of imagination and dreaming to flow into to evolve:

6:30 – 30 minute contemplation (sort of like meditation but more interactive)

breakfast, make veggie/fruit juice for my mother-in-law, try to down 1 ltr of water before 10am

walk dog, try to train my eyes to “see” as practice before buying my Reflex camera this summer

scent evaluation and work on formulas, I find this better for me in the mornings because I’m more alert, I like the energy and colour of the morning


day job (I work at home from the office making sales calls to companies in North America and Northern Europe for an Italian coffee manufacturer)


study for the Chemistry of Essential Oils course

make dinner

maybe blog some more but usually I’m in bed by 9:30/10pm with a good book, my notebooks and my gratitude journal

How does a routine help you create? I’d love to hear from you!