some things deserve a new beginning

Somethings just deserve a second chance.  Like this old Dodge truck and this old wardrobe turned perfumer’s organ.

Yesterday LV finished the renovation on the wardrobe/organ for my perfumes! He really is very talented and have I mentioned how lucky I am to have him in my life?. Well I am. Here’s the before and after…

It’s absolutely gorgeous and fits in here like a glove! When I open the door the smells that reach me are divine and continue to inspire and motivate me to follow this yellow brick road in the direction of perfume making. Sometimes I just open it and stick my face in there drinking in the smells.

Oh, and the current pics are sporting the new handwriting using the Wacom Bamboo Tablet that came on Friday.  Love it!!! It’s going to be photo graffiti for a while until I find my style.