good things take time

I have been working on stocking up on new raw materials, sourcing supplies, signing up for a more intensive perfume course, visualizing the kind of perfumes I want to create, getting centred and focused.

I also had to come to terms with the fact that what I’m writing about on the blog at the moment is pretty dry stuff: odour profiles, chemical components and such.  But it struck me that at some point in my future I will draw on it for something and so creating such a resource ahead of time, one entry at a time, is just fine.

In the midst of it all I realise that this is exactly the pace I have spent years yearning for and dreaming about.  Yes, these things take time but more truthfully it takes love to invest in pruning the aspects of ones self that are just no longer working, time out to be a better me.

On to work now and back with a regular post on the odour profile of Sandalwood Absolute tomorrow.

Have a happy day!