mid-life mastery


Feels good to be back.

Coming out of this mini hiatus one thing has become clear to me: the tone of this blog, what sets it apart from the others and what I’d been struggling with inwardly since starting it, and that is its unique perspective. Learning an art at mid-life and how that changes you.

What makes the two books I have written, The Naked Millionaire and The Organic Entrepreneur unique is the the focus was on the NOW, the profoundness of the present moment.  Now that special focus of this writing happens to be mid-life and how the elements of my life set the stage for mastering the art of perfumery.

I struggled because I knew this writing was about more than perfumery, skin care making or photography, there was something deeper there — that is after all my unique writing ability, the courage to go deep, simply because I have a hard time writing about the superficial.  Writing for me must have meaning, it must move me, first and foremost but ultimately, the reader to think, do, act or perceive in a different way.  The one way I am good at doing this is by sharing my own journey.

At nearly 48 years of age, I am no longer a youth (not that I want it), and I’m not yet an elder.  So what does this vantage point afford me? What is it like training the nose at mid-life while learning about DSLRs, Photoshop and Illustrator? What’s it like to leave behind a a way of life that worships multi-tasking for one where mastery, slow and painful is at the centre of things? How does one get used to slowing down to learn faster? And how is art at the heart of this?

With no more day job I can finally focus on this perspective as I learn the art of perfumery. I’m so excited!