for the love of learning


I have spent the better part of 18 months evaluating perfumery schools and courses as well as invested a considerable amount of change in something that, I have to be honest, could end up being simply a very expensive hobby.  Gulp! And I’m okay with that. Finally. After much wrestling with self.

Doing something simply for the love of it without the pressure of having to decide if it will ever be financially lucrative is fundamental to Soul, I believe. This is the mindset with which I have entered this training that will take me anywhere from 12-18 months to complete.

Here’s why I chose the Perfumery Art School UK :

  • substantial course offering
  • they’re accredited
  • there are optional live courses during the course of the 12 months
  • a teacher is assigned to every student for weekly check-ins via Skype, phone or email
  • a significant beginner set of essential oils and natural isolates
  • teachers are currently involved in the industry and especially living in the EU they can help me through this pea soup of bureaucracy should I decide to sell my wares to the public
  • they teach how to compose perfumes based on IFRA guidelines
  • passing exams is required in order to progress to the next level
  • you are required to create a perfume that will be judged by industry professionals in order to graduate

No one other than myself, family and friends may ever wear my creations but the olfactory world fascinates me so much that this love eclipses my over-developed compulsion to turn everything I do into a business venture.

The love of learning is much more important for personal growth and I am so very grateful to LV and whatever overdue fortune granted me the opportunity to explore this aspect of what it means to be alive.


2 thoughts on “for the love of learning

  1. I am so very glad that you have decided to take the next step; making this investment in your future. I feel like I am similar to you, in perfumery knowledge growth, but I think your nose far out-sniffs mine. I look forward to your upcoming occasional blog posts as you get formally educated.

    Martin – North Carolina – USA


    1. Hey Martin! thank you for dropping by and sharing, I really appreciate it. I wouldn’t say anyone’s nose is better than anther’s, more trained is all. We all have the ability to smell better 🙂 You’ll see. All the best with your perfume education!


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