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my first mood board for perfume compositions
my first mood board for perfume compositions

I got this crazy idea over the weekend that I’ve been working like a fiend to explore and manifest.

What if perfumes weren’t marketed with sex but by allowing the wearer to use his or her imagination, with as few words as possible, to create an impression of what the perfume could smell like on their skin?  What if I could use a collage of images to communicate the feel and emotion of my compositions?

Doing so would mean I would have to be much more in tune with my creations before, during and after the formulations not just using my olfactory senses but my visual senses as well as my ability to craft words into their own image.

You may or may not know that I’m also learning photography and styling is one area that really resonates with me because it calls upon the ability to arrange visual details into a story that elicits specific emotions.  So I tried my hand at it over the last few days, worked in concert with my Bamboo tablet and here’s the final result!  My impression of my first cologne/perfume experiment for class.

I would love to hear what you think about the concept and how you think the images help or hinder the communication.  Also, would love to hear what you think this cologne smells like, to help me see if I did an effective job in arranging the scentual mood.

Have a wonder-filled weekend!



4 thoughts on “escentual mood boards©

  1. Well of course Maxine I have to respond to your invitation for a comment.

    Just the other day a co-worker inquired about my perfumery adventures and I made mention of my reading two blogs from a woman in the Italian Alps… she giving me inspiration as she makes a concerted effort to develop her artistic talents in several directions.

    It certainly makes sense that a well constructed visual “marketing” image would explain and set the mood/emotion/tone of a fragrance. Not unlike how perfume bottles are designed; creating a very simple visual clue like masculine/sleek/curvy/daring.

    One of my signature perfumes is “White Sandalwood” (available only from Sephora) made by Nest fragrances (NYC). They use the same bottle but glue a two-sided piece of paper to each of their fragrances. One side has the needed information and the other side is a unique piece of artwork that is seen though the bottle.

    As for your mood board, I saw two items sticking out of the pocket but could not fathom what it was. Hopefully they were not an important puzzle piece. Otherwise I had a simple vision of a woman placing frayed work pants on her bed to be worn in the backyard, she getting ready to arise early in the morning, as she prepares her garden for the upcoming Spring season. The plant, the clock, and the decorative bracelet being my clues. The scents would be clean linen, greenery with a bit a leather for the belt.

    Maxine I can see you combining your photography and perfumery to create something really unique. I look forward to my continued readings.


    1. Martin, always wonderful to exchange ideas with you! Oooh, White Sandalwood. Sandalwood being one of my favourite notes, along with Patch, this “white” aspect intrigues me. Their marketing approach with the bottle sounds cool, too. Sticking out of the corner is a leather belt and buckle, so well done, and a branch. But you’re bang on with the linen and greenery! I have to perfect the approach as leather wasn’t part of the cologne, but something more woodsy. Thanks you ever so much for the interaction!


  2. Maxine, just a note after finding your blog through another blogger. I really enjoyed this post. I’m something below amateur level in the world of scent. I love scent. I love what it evokes, how it changes a mood, how it instills a state of mind. How it expresses personality. I just recently started exploring essential oils. Simple things, like air fresheners and diffusing in my home, making some of my own cleaners or body scrubs etc. I barely have time available in my life to learn the craft and honestly don’t aspire to become an artist but I will certainly enjoy reading your posts and perhaps learning a thing or two along the way!


    1. Curiouslyinspired, so glad you like the post. How wonderful that scent connects you and I and we live nowhere near each other, I find that fascinating! I agree with you completely of course with you on how scent makes you feel, it is the same for me. My aim is to continually nourish this scentual inspiration for you and for me!


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