it’s a spring thing

gorgeous Gerber with her pink plumes
gorgeous Gerber with her pink plumes

Yesterday I had such a yearning for Spring I went out and bought myself some flowers.  A couple of beautiful Gerbers and a bunch of Freesias. Yes!

As I clicked away taking some shots the colours just lifted me and I realised I also needed the sun and the fresh air so I used Carlito, a.k.a Charlie as an excuse and went for a short 30 minute walk. “You really need to make a habit of going for a walk every day,” “instead of a short 30 minute walk, you should make this the full hour walk we usually do on Sunday, then you can really get some exercise out of this!” “Maxine,” “yes?” “Just be quiet and enjoy the moment,” “oh, right.”

Of course this was just an excerpt.  Such was the monologue until I calmed down and simply went for a walk. Ah, the joys of living in your own head!

Are you yearning for Spring as much as I am???

Today I’m working on evaluating the Wood family and will have a post about those notes over the next couple days so I can share my volatility impressions, it takes a full day to work through these evaluations, believe it or not.

Have a great day!


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