hello-!What they heck am I up to?!

I’ve been unusually silent in the last two weeks.  I know, sorry about that.

These days have been filled with lots of seat-to-the-chair work: writing, contemplation, creating as well as taking care of the day to day inner and outer business.

During that time I’ve been playing with the idea of pioneering what could be a very big project and giving a little perfume project that began a couple of years ago a gentle nudge once again to get things rolling.  All the while I’ve been communicating inwardly with what these and my current education commitments would require from me to see them through successfully.  Since, traditionally I’ve always taken the time necessary to get in touch with that deeper part of myself whenever I needed to reconnect, this time was no different, hence the moment of silence.

But, I’m ready to act and will be back Monday. Hope you are well and wishing you a wonder-filled week-end!