snuffleupagus, vetiver and a week off

snuffleupagusWell it was bound to happen, I’m all stuffed up, can’t smell a thing!  I feel like the Snuffleupagus on Sesame Street bumbling around in a cloud of Kleenex, handkerchiefs and menthol.

This week I excitedly prepared the studio for a week of studying after some other commitments  had me busy over the last ten days and so I was all set to get right down to it and finish my last two families of notes so I could get to a homework assignment.  But now that’s all gone pear shaped. Damnit!

So when life gives you lemons you make lemonade or take pics.  My nose will probably be out of commission for a week, hopefully before, therefore I’ll use this time constructively and take myself off to shoot around here and in studio. If I capture anything remotely interesting I’ll post a pic if not I’ll be silent for a bit and shore up my creative energies.

But before I go, I gotta tell you about something cool that happened!

While out yesterday with Charlie on our walk – I smelled Vetiver!  Not that I could actually smell Vetiver because it doesn’t grow around here, my olfactive memory recalled the scent so strongly that I could actually smell it!  I was elated!  This was a real success for me to “see” my studying actually paying off in the form of scent recall.

Have a wonderful week!


2 thoughts on “snuffleupagus, vetiver and a week off

    1. Thanks Isabelle! I’ve gotta say it felt wonderful and exhilarating to experience for myself that indeed the nose and the brain can be trained to remember odours. I’m loving the course 🙂


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