trying to stay patient, but such is life


Trying to remain patient when real-life interrupts my olfactive education is nothing less than super human for someone like me!  But the upside is that I am teaching kids and can draw some satisfaction in knowing that I am doing my part in passing on something positive to the next generation.

But I’m still tincturing, and gathering bottle samples and developing the feel of what I really want to communicate through my perfumes so it’s not all time wasted.  I just did two tinctures: organic cardamom and organic coriander.  More on those when I return.

Also my walking routine has now been in effect for the last two months! Yeah! 6:30 every morning for meditation then a walk with Charlie for an hour; so of course by 8:30 (no, I’m not kidding) I am completed useless.

I will be back, first week of June and can’t wait for when the luxury of endless days to immerse myself in hours of odiferous contemplation, writing and photography!

Until then, have a wonderful May, and remember to get outside and enjoy life!