back in business!


Today is Sunday.  I typically carve out Sundays for myself. Make myself a cup’a, immerse myself in the smells of my lab and typically dedicate it to writing, getting clear about my writing objectives for the week and basically just visualizing what I want to accomplish for the week, what will make me feel fulfilled when the week is over.

I’ve got a bunch of essential oil ingredients, tinctures and sample bottles spread out in front of me, a couple formulas I want to finish fleshing out; tinctures to decant and filter and a To Do list that is much too long.  I’ve finished the brief for my olftactive perfume project (a major job!), a prerequisite for entering the 2nd module and of course the 2nd module is a wide open for me to jump into (gulp!). If this weren’t enough there is the pressing need to get back into my blog writing, downloading and organizing all the my image files I’ve accumulated over the last 2.5 months and jumping back into my online photography lessons.

Exciting times yes!  And yet, its all got me feeling a bit whoozy, just a little bit tipsy and drunk. The overwhelm starts with a chatter in my head and I eventually have to tell it to quiet down (of course only AFTER I freak myself out unnecessarily) and that as much I love to tell myself the well worn lie that “Yes, I am superwoman and I can have it all done by yesterday!”, the truth is I can always only ever focus on ONE thing at a time and get ONE thing done at a time.  But where to start?!

Yes, I’ve been absent a while but it isn’t the absence that is causing the issue it’s the effort of bringing my focus back onto my work after a few months of having my focus elsewhere.  So to begin I began where I usually do, putting order to my studio, my space and while doing this it helped me put order to my inner space.  One thing led to another and here I am with my first post after a break.  This will lead to the other two that is my goal for today and presto! Done.

I’m not even going to bother adding a pic to this posts this week as that would just send me into a useless tailspin, one must know one’s own limits, and it’s more important to just get on with writing than fussing with all the pretty little details.

This week will see me filtering, formulating studying and writing.  Ohhh, it’s great to be back!