music and mixing


I always read interview questions especially when it’s a perfumer of course, and one question that quite often gets asked is “what music are you listening to while you work?”.

So many, almost all of the perfumers with the exception of one, list their favourite tune of the moment that generally gets them going while formulating.

It’s interesting to read what inspires others on their creative journeys but when I read  an interview by the Art and Olfaction Awards (can’t remember who it was with and I can’t even find the interview anymore, dammit! so can’t name the perfumer) with one of the award finalists who said absolutely not, I never listen to music and create at the same time!  I thought, Alleluia! BINGO! That’s exactly how I feel.

For me music isn’t background scenery; for me listening to music is a contemplative exercise, a moment to rejoice, similar to savouring a yummy dish, it’s one of life’s great delicacies that I must consume on its own.  Oddly, it’s also how I prefer to eat my desserts, with a cup of tea preferably in the afternoon.  I almost never eat desserts after a full course meal!  So I guess it’s the same sort of principle.  I find it hard to mix music and formulating.

Honestly, the only music to accompany my olfactive explorations are the sounds of nature that waft through my window as a gentle reminder to get out and live life.

Have a happy day!