aromatic profile: cedrat coeur/cedrat sensation


Common name: Cedrat Sensation eo

Genus name: includes: citrus bergamia, citrus limonum, citrus medica

Supplier: Hermitage

Note: Top

Interesting bits: “Despite the name this material is a creation produced from Italian cedrats, bergamots and lemons. All the prized aromatic notes are extracted and concentrated together….Useful in the creation of fresh colognes, woody-vetivert accords and adds a sparkling top note to florals.” (Hermitage)

Their nose: Cedrat Sensation essential oil is a sparkling zesty, fresh citrus aromatic. This material is prized for its zesty, mouth-watering notes, enhancing freshness, strength and bitterness.  (Hermitage)

My nose:  First impression is lemon, lime, this note is sunshine and freshness in a bottle!  It’s clearing, uplifting with hints of lemon, sort of reminds me of Pledge the spray for wood furniture. I do get polish, wax, cleaning product, but also joy, summer, sunshine, warmth, happiness and somehow this note has a surprising roundness to it.  After 30 min it is fading quickly but the impression is more like lemon peel squirting in your eye, it makes me squint.  1 hour later it is still whole and integral, but now softer, tamer sort of like the early summer morning sun.  2 hours later it is still clinging to the scent strip even though feebly, it’s still whole because I can still discern lemons, citrus. And after 7 hours it’s still there but hanging on by an olfactive thread, I have to breathe on it to wake it up, but it’s there.

Musings on composition: definitely will use this as a citrus amplifier and to prolong the top note impressions and help them last longer; could be very useful together with Methyl Pamplemousse.