today’s inspiration


While at the beach this summer I rolled over and found this acorn cap. I love acorns! This one feels fuzzy, soft and is incredibly tiny.

When I came home I put it on the cap of the bottle I’ve chosen for my perfumes when they’re ready to be packaged and voilà! It’s like this photo was waiting to be made. I’m inspired by it’s fawn-like colours — all the colours that are so me.

Pulling out the macro lens to shoot this made me consider the details of life and the beauty that is all around me, even in a careless moment like turning around to tan my backside!

See, little things can inspire greatness. Think of the power in such a little acorn cap to stir the soul of a human being, me, and set a spark to my imagination today to pick up my camera and take a shot of one of the many details of my life as it unfolds. It’s hard not to feel grateful.

What beauty do you see around you and how is it helping you create the life you love?