thank you!


When is the right moment to say thank you? Just Thanksgiving? Just Christmas, or your birthday or Valentine’s Day? Can you ever say it enough? I don’t think so.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I was completely overcome by a sense of gratitude that I knew I had to write and tell you all how grateful I am for you giving me this opportunity to write and to share what I love. It’s one of the most beautiful gifts one can receive on a birthday.

There are times when I feel so moved by the thought that hey, there are 80+ people who have signed up for Her Two Scents. Not all read them, for sure, but when I began I didn’t think I’d touch 80 people with my writing and my passion for perfume making, but here I am.

As a writer there is not greater feeling than knowing your words are read and appreciated and hopefully changing peoples’ lives.  As a perfumer-in-training there is no greater motivation for me to learn my notes than knowing that others are also looking to learn from my mistakes and successes.

For this I wanted to send you all, each and every one of you who read these words every week, a very special thank you! Thank you! Merci! Danke Schoen! Grazie Mille!  אַ דאַנק! شكرا! hvala! To all the readers of Her Two Scents that make sniffing and writing and formulating and sharing worthwhile!  I look forward to growing with you for many years to come!

P.S. Next week I’ll be profiling 3 synthetics: Orriniff, Verymoss and Velvione!