what’s the hurry?


Today’s quote isn’t really a quote per se, it’s more of an observation and a continuing question to myself…what’s the hurry? Where’s the fire? Where’s the race to finish learning perfumery and start selling perfumes to the public?

I have to ask myself this as a way to keep grounded and keep things real whenever I spend too much time online in my favourite perfume DIY forum, on Facebook pages or websites of perfumers that are already out there in the marketplace with 3 or 4 perfumes under their belt and here I am almost 3 years into it and still learning my materials, still working on accords, still no where.

Well that’s the B.S. I tell myself before I slap myself with an imaginary wet towel (followed by a nice hug and a warm kiss, of course) and remind myself that this is not a race…not even with myself. So stop the nonsense.

When did “make-money-doing-what-you-love-as-fast-as-you-can” become the ultimate goal for creatives? Why isn’t it just okay to be doing what you love? Why isn’t it okay to just create? Period. End of story.

I love to watch other artisan perfumers getting recognition and making money doing what they love to do. I love to cheerlead! But more often than not there is also an overwhelming sense that where I am, what I am, is never and will never be enough because I’ll just never catch up.  Hrmph! Shoulders slump, dejection sets in and I begin to wallow.

And so, for the last time, when I came out of this mist I told myself, that’s it. Maxine, the reality is you do not need to make money with perfumery to make ends meet, which is a most fortunate position to be in. Allow money to come into your life from wherever it comes from (currently from teaching) and do what you love to do. This moment is a gift. You have been given the gift of being able to study the things you’ve always wanted to learn with no pressure to earn a living at it.

Yes. Last week I gave myself a good talking to about what I should be doing and I took the words business and sales off the table indefinitely where it comes to perfume making. No. I have nothing against making money, on the contrary, I’m a firm believer in healthy capitalism. But. Pronouncing those words at such an early stage of learning adds a level of complexity and anxiety that is not conducive to learning for me. I recognise we’re all at different stages and that’s okay — there are classmates of mine that are already making money with their perfumery education and they are a great inspiration for me. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s where I should be now or should be heading.

I breathed a wonderful sigh of relief as my heart settled down into a new space. Ahhhh! I may never end up seeing my perfumes for sale at LuckyScent, I may spend a lifetime making perfumes only for me, my family, friends and some private clients and, hey, that’s okay. For the moment I love writing this blog, developing it and helping others learn about the art and joy of perfume making!

Have a wonderful Monday and see you Wednesday for a profile on Ho Wood essential oil.



Image credit: Watercolor Texture Frost by Aurora Wienhold



2 thoughts on “what’s the hurry?

  1. Good for you! I have 2 additional words for you: stop believing in the ‘man dream’ (it’s a dream many women dream just as well, it’s just that they suffer more obviously from it)
    Money makes some things easier, also for the birds in my garden come to find food; and, if you go a few generations back in all our lives, due to the development of larger economic structures, a lot of our immediate ancestors suffered from poverty, famine and powerlessness; and, a lot of that fear still abides in our otherwise conscious parts. Fear is the strongest motivator and oh boy don’t I know it.. in my belief, the ‘man dream’ is what people do to keep the fear at bay ‘permanently’. Some very clever strategies are there, with very creepy results, especially over time.

    I hear two different worlds speaking in your post. Yours, your own which is all joy, all abandon and love (both for people and for Nature – as if they were two different things..!); and the voice of the Past, which tries to make everything small and controllable.
    Good to make the distinction for yourself. Be free. What was it like when you were thirteen years old… that’s what I’m looking for in my life. It was then we started listening to those voices… maybe they are right and I am wrong… it took less than a day for a girl to sell her soul… good news is, it’s still there to reclaim… no matter what happened to us, incredibly…
    So. Way to go and get back in the saddle!
    Looking forward to Ho Wood! Eline


    1. Hi Eline! Sorry for the late reply but I’ve been either in bed or on the couch since Sunday with a fever and am only now just getting over it! I saw your comment and have been aching to reply but I just couldn’t make it to my computer as it’s just too cold in the study without a fire…so, here it am! But now tomorrow I’m off to visit Dalma and so no posts till Wednesday unfortunately 😦

      Thank you so much for your kind words, I feel the same way and yes, it does feel wonderful being in the feminine flow — these five days in bed are proof to that. Here’s to the flow and have a great weekend!


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