Time to say good-bye

It’s with sadness that I say good-bye.

It’s taken me months of soul searching to finally allow myself to let go of Her Two Scents. Often when I vowed that this would be it I used several reasons to convince (force, threaten) myself to keep it going and the biggest reason was that I had invested so much time and benefitted from a certain amount of satisfaction in writing the articles so why stop now? And that’s what convinced me that I needed to let it go, the blog began feeling more like a “should” and life’s too precious to fill it with “shoulds”.  Of course I realize that there are some “shoulds” that need to be followed through with and there in lies the rub of the wisdom of living, knowing, choosing, deciding which of those to keep and which to let go.  That’s why it was so hard.

I will continue the scent journey as a personal exploration of the senses to enhance my other passions and simply for the love of perfume but I no longer feel the burning need to share my artistic journey with anyone else but myself. While it may not be true for everyone it is for me, I’ve learned, that one is either making art or talking about it. The more this truth washed over me the less I wrote because it takes an inordinate amount of time to evalute, put together and write the posts — time that could be better used learning and perfecting my art and just living life.

The blog will remain up and accessible until October when the hosting expires but the FaceBook account linked to H2S (which is the only FB account I have) will be closed by Friday.

It’s been a joy sharing my perfume journey with you, I hope it’s served you well in some way and I encourage you to continue your own scent explorations with a passion!

I thank each and every one of you who has supported this blog.  So, this is me sending you a big, warm hug and wishing you all the very best in whatever you choose to do!

With love,



5 thoughts on “Time to say good-bye

  1. Hi Maxine
    I have enjoyed your insights and found that it helped me look at things from a different angle. Thank you for sharing a part of your journey.
    I fully and completely understand your rationale. Time is too precious to fill with ” shoulds” . Spend it on passions.
    Take care
    Bev Missing


  2. Maxine! ….I’d only just discoverd your blog. THIS was my very fist post lol….and the last as well.

    I’ve always been a master of perfect timing : )



    >>> one is either making art or talking about it.

    No doubt about that.

    I’m sorry I missed the party, but I always love to see someone who discovers that it’s time to do what they need to do …for themselves.

    I’ve never understood how bloggers did it, the good ones anyway. ….And living in Italy? You couldn’t pay me to be inside looking at a computer screen.

    Life is short; you go make the best of yours.

    Good Luck and with warm Regards,



  3. Hey Maxine, it’s been a pleasure following your blog. I completely understand where you are coming from as I also recently did a lot of soul searching regarding my perfume journey and decided to close down my website where I sold my perfume. It turned out to be a relief because it emptied my life of all those “shoulds” associated with trying to make it work.
    I now have the time to focus on creating and experimenting through other mediums as well.
    Wishing you all the best with your creative pursuits and thank you for sharing your perfume journey.


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