perfumery techniques in evolution

Perfumery Techniques in Evolution 2nd Edition by Arcadi Boix Camps is one of the books I invested in recently — and I’m really glad I did.  This book is destined to become a reference for me in my library.

I was between this and a year’s subscription to Perfumer & Flavorist Magazine and while neither is cheap the book is definitely worth its weight in gold from a perfumer’s perspective.  It gives a really good intro to some very little know chemical aromatics like:

“Myrcenile, ocymenile and citrile acetates, with fresh scents, somewhat grassy, almost like the citric part of bergamot, are of great interest.  Thuione has a warm scent, herbaceous, which falls under the subgroup of the camphors.”

Boix Camps also presents a different way of grouping the notes for example, Agresticals, Radiants, Greens, Roots, etc. which introduces new perspectives for a perfumer.  Each aromatic placed in the various groups is briefly introduced.

For a perfumer I find his writing style very different at times philosophical and poetic and other times very no-nonsense to the point of approaching arrogance.  But it is nonetheless interesting and opens up a wider vista from which perfumers can both approach and deepen the art.

It’s words like these that keep me reading:

“True creation will be that which awakens all to a greater sensibility and a higher spirituality, not that which renders them insensitive by reason of its arrogance, or without understanding by reason of its complexity.”

Amen, brother!