learning notes by heart

Learning your perfume notes by heart is a very demanding discipline that takes many years. And like any other art that is a passion it will involve you like no other lover before or after.

She will not let you get by with an absent-minded caress, she is an exacting partner.  What else should she expect but your undivided attention before sharing her secrets and revealing her depths with you? Multi-tasking while on a date with her is an insult, and you could risk not being able to smell anything at all for quite a long time.

Respect, kindness, wonder and a curiously gentle heart is something I try to bring to the studio every time I set myself to learning.  Of course I do other things while in the study, like writing this blog post, but when I am with my raw materials, if I am honest in my dealings with them, I mostly am focused, sharp, alert and present.

But above all I try to come to the relationship with an open heart for, if I am to create perfumes that transport others beyond the present I must be able to touch that place too, know what it feels like, and be trained enough to be able to replicate it again and again.