aromatic profile: pink pepper

pink pepper essential oil

a.ka. Schinus Molle, at a 10% dilution. Got this one from White Lotus Aromatics, USA.

I adore this scent, just love, love, love it! When I started formulating I tried to put it everywhere.

My immediate impression, always having my printout of the Language of Perfume beside me, is that it is a warm, sharp, decisive note. It comes off as clear, crisp like linen, early morning, even faint whisps of a can of paint just opened, uplifting, new and thin.  It seems to jump out at you, turpentine sort of smell.  But!  After 15 minutes it smells like pine! Totally resinous!  I am in love!

3 hours later: it is almost imperceptible, but I can smell a very faint dry aspect to it.  And somewhere in there is a bitter note hiding out…just lovely.

1 day later: strange, I can smell something, just faintly though, of pepper, or it could just be my imagination?

2 days later: oddly enough if I blow on it with my nose I can still smell pepper!

That’s my nose’s interpretation.

White Lotus Aromatics describes it this way, “…is a very pale yellow liquid with soft, fresh, pungent, dry, powdery, peppery aroma with a green resinous undertone.  The peppery note is very smooth, full and balanced with no harsh edges.”

What’s your nose saying?