Too Hot!


It’s too hot and I can’t think! Here in the Alps temperatures are hitting the 40s! Really?!

I do not do my best work when it’s hot. I drag my feet, I procrastinate, it’s really not a pretty sight. So I’m learning to just flow with it, it’s my down time and things work better when I respect this rhythm.  I am at my best, more energetic, most productive when it’s raining — go figure — and there’s none of that in sight for at least a week!

Today I’m working on the introduction to the aroma chemistry series and it’s taking a lot of energy just to gather my thoughts into some semblance of order to produce what I want, so I’m taking it slower than I usually would and as a result the intro just isn’t ready yet. Sometime next week is my goal.

Wishing you all a marvellous, hot weekend!