perfumer’s inspiration for today


This perfumer’s inspiration for today – hydrangeas! Perfume inspiration can come from anywhere, from anything and anyone. What inspires a perfume, I often ask myself? What inspires a perfumer? When I think about the things that inspire me to build accords, discover new aromas and create new perfumes I have to list hydrangeas right up there near the top of the list.

There’s a big ‘ol hydrangea bush right outside our front door which brings me endless amounts of joy from the early summer to late fall. I love its big, fat globes of light, tender colours in the summer. When it rains the branches hang heavily, drooping under the weight and you know it’s both happy for the drink but also straining to keep from breaking.

Then comes my favourite season — fall — and its breath-taking colours from deep greens to the prissy pinks and pompous pomegranate hues. Then just right around the first week in October LV and I begin to harvest them which he makes into about 10-14 ginormous bunches to dress up the home for fall.  Oh, and guess what? They smell like hay when they first begin to dry out. Love that!

Joyously I fly around the house placing them wherever the rooms declare they would like to have one (yes, the house speaks to me and I listen).

I have been in love with hydrangeas for as long as I could call them by name. When I am in the studio formulating or writing, their colours, graciously bleeding one into the other on each beautiful petal, caress the deepest part of me to remind me to be gentle with myself and that there is no end to the beauty in this world. This is the greatness to which I aspire in anything I do from perfumery to teaching to cooking to mending socks.

Beauty is everywhere and anything that reminds me of this truth is without a doubt a blessing in my life for which I am profoundly grateful.

Have a great weekend!