new scents just in



Some great stuff just came in for me to experiment with creating heart note accords like: Nerol, Cis Jasmone, Damascone Alpha, HydroxycitronellOL.

But I also am basking in the glow of some amazing naturals. ┬áLike, OMG Mango Ginger CO2 Extract, Rum Succan Absolute, Frankincense Serrata, Jasmine Sambac Absolute, Japanese Yuzu and many others that I’ll get into greater detail later.

The two that are just blowing me away right now are Cedarmoss Absolute (had no idea it even existed!) and holy cow, Oud (both from Hermitage oils UK)! Now I understand what the craziness is all about.  Let me just say that it is very, very special and truly does inspire awe.

I’m also trying out a new supplier, Neroliane, I’ll jot down some impressions when I get them all diluted next week.

Have a wonderful weekend and remember to consciously breathe life in – it does make a difference!