I am going to have to double back and map each of the single note profiles that I’ve written about to a perfume family: Citrus, Woody, Chypre, Fougere, Floral, Spicy, Aromatic, Powder, Gourmand, Green, Leather, Ozonic and Amber.  Aye, carramba!

Why? Because it helps to fix it better in my own mind and helps me get in the habit of doing it every time I profile a new raw material.  From now on this facet will be included in the profiles I do.

This made me realise I needed to reacquaint myself with the perfume families, their notes and odours. And that’s what I did, I went over them again. In doing so it seems that, although not by huge amounts, but I have gained in understanding of NOTE vs ODOUR vs FAMILY.  I know a little better now what they are.  I’ve also learned while writing this article that there is no such thing as doubling back over something learned.

Knowledge is like a spiral upward, it’s not linear, and nothing is lost.  Every time we go over or revisit information we do so from a more elevated perspective, we circle it but from a higher vantage point, based on new understanding, new experience, new olfactive memories, deeper, broader vocabulary and skill making what we’ve learned clearer.

Our odourscape becomes our landscape with familiar places we visit all the time but always gaining new experiences.  Hmmm, think I’m going to escape to Mastic today.

Enjoy the gifts of the day!