aromatic profile: pure marseilles soap

my no smell soap
my no smell soap

ON THE NOSE: Pure Marseilles liquid soap

WHY: Because it’s the closest thing to starting with a blank canvas, from an olfactory point of view.

Scent is everywhere, we can’t escape it, it’s in our laundry detergent, our fabric softener, our shampoo, our hand cream, etc.  Unless you’re anosmic. So when it comes to perfume design I am not interested in “smelling” clean – being clean, yes – as much as I am interested in not smelling a predominant odour like my laundry detergent or shower gel or any one thing in particular.  My work space becomes a No Smell Zone.

That’s why I began some time ago washing clothes in Marseilles soap, just washing my hands with water, using my own skin care products, not wearing any perfume when I formulate and using a 100% pure Marseille soap in the shower.  When I found this stuff in the grocery store at first I bought the lavender scented one and one day they were out and I had to buy the non scented one and I LOVE IT! If I thought the lavender scent was subtle and soft this beats it hands down, there’s nothing like the smell of pure Marseilles soap to render every scent neutral. As a perfumer we have to take care of our nose by realising that every smell makes an impression on us around which we unconsciously make a judgement; minimizing these impressions makes the job easier.