precious oils


This concept of “precious” oils has me questioning how we value some raw materials over others.

It got me thinking, why is Oud or Ambergris considered more “precious” than Lavender essential oil, a material that is so very versatile in its application? Or Lavandin or Clary Sage Absolute or any of the other hundreds of perfume ingredients at our disposal that don’t come with the same price tag, mystique or cachet as Ambergris or Oud (Agarwood) oil.

Is it the availability, or lack thereof?  The length of time it has been deteriorating? What then?

Shouldn’t a material’s preciousness be based on its usefulness, its multi-functionality, its ability to transport you to places and moments of the past and future?  If these are what make a perfume raw material “precious” then ALL essential oils, concretes, and absolutes are precious and what it ultimately comes down to then is the artful skill of the perfumer and how he or she uses the materials.

It’s easy for a string of pearls or diamonds to make one appear more beautiful, much harder though for the wearer to be exalted by a string of Tourmaline or Onyx; here for the beauty to come forth what’s needed is greater interaction between the wearer’s charisma and the stone.

The same can be said for perfume materials and the perfumer’s ability to transform humble raw materials into distinguished, fragrant works of art.

Today, whatever you’re working on, make it great!


aromatic updates

They’re here! The shipment came from Proxisanté in France of Patchouli Coeur, Cocoa extract, Carrot seed, African Stone, and my minuscule investment (1ml each) in Tuberose and Osmanthus absolutes. I’m so excited to get them into their dilutions!  Now I can stroke those two off my wish list.

Oh and the skin care DIY products came in from the US last week so I will be needing to get my hands into those babies soon as I promised my lovely sister-in-law I’d make her an oil based skin serum and her own scent for her birthday.  Gotta get crackin’ on those.

So, what else has been brewing you ask?

The smell of the elderflower tincture was bothering me so much I’ve decided to dump it out!  Yes, I had great expectations but since I’m not one to waste time that’s it. The smell is just horrid and I can’t imagine putting that anywhere on my skin, so out it goes!

The jury’s still out with the jasmine flower tincture.  It’s not winning me over so it may come to the same fate as the elderflower, but I will give this one some more time.

While out walking Charlie this morning my mind started thinking about perhaps investing in a small alembic to distill some of the wonderful botanicals that surround us here in the Alps like the beeswax from our bee farmer friend (I’ve got about 3kgs of the stuff in a ziplock bag). I think I might get a better product out of the elderflower using this method, linden flower, our beautiful roses, the majestic Bay Laurel tree and the acacia trees that are so plentiful here…hmmm, I think I’ll check online today and see what the costs are and where I can source them here in Europe. Yikes, another project, how the heck did that happen?!

Make it a loving day.

birthday buzz


Tomorrow we’re having a birthday party for LV.  Actually he celebrated his birthday a couple weeks ago but the weather was terrible so we decided to move it to this weekend.  Turns out it’s going to be one of the coldest freaking days in 200 years! So things are going to be a bit busy around here for the next 24 hours.  I’ve got school (for a couple months out of the year I prepare high school kids for the PET and the FCE exams) and my regular private English lessons that I teach on Saturdays, therefore I won’t be posting.  Actually I had decided not to post over the weekend anyway as that’s time to focus on me, life and just continuing to open myself to new experiences in a more conscious way.

Today I made the payment to the package forwarding company, Bongo, to get the essential oils for the Chemistry of Essential Oils Home Study Course and a few other things I ordered sent to me from the US to here in Italy. Their service saves me a ton of money, time and headaches and I just love their service! Estimated time is next Thursday, yeah!

Also, gotta share!  I’ve decided, that I’m going to buy a Wacom Bamboo tablet.  One of my passions is calligraphy and of course as a consequence pens and typography and since starting this blog I’ve really been paying attention to photos and type together. Love it! I’ve been really inspired by the way handwriting, one’s own handwriting, can be put on a photo and how it just seems to warm up a photo and give the whole thing personality.  This of course with my next paycheque in June.

So, after I set aside my bit for savings – I’ve given myself a monthly budget of 300 euro to spend how I want – next paycheque will be going to that and the following essential oils from Proxisanté in France: Africa Stone absolute, Cocao absolute, Castoreum, Patchouli Coeur, Osmanthus and Carrot.

I figured, since it’s his birthday, I should get myself something as well — just to help him celebrate.

Have a wonderful weekend.