pushing the boundaries of scent


Yesterday I was itching to explore my creative boundaries so I sat on the couch for what felt like a very long time contemplating, listening. Sounds counter productive I know but I needed to trust that it was right.  What lay beyond called me.  I felt like I was in a garden surrounded by a beautiful wall, after perusing its perimeter I was curious about what lay on the other side.

The Ionone blends that I did for the class experiment were still sitting there looking at me, and an inspiration that I got from an article I read recently popped into my head inviting me to try an unexplored direction: why not apply a few drops to one of the many rocks, pebbles and stones that LV and I have a passion for collecting wherever we find ourselves? Ooooh, intrigue!

I wanted to reach beyond the scent strip, to feel what it would be like to hold an object that I have loved collecting since childhood and smell something I created imprinted upon it. The effect was wonderful and oddly fitting because without planning it I applied a powder base accord to a smooth, round, egg-shaped, object.  They both share some of the very same qualities! On the rock the accord is whimsical, floral, powdery, airy, dry, feminine, dusty, and dries down to a feathery, downy smile.

Obviously I can’t carry around a rock for every note I’m exploring but I have decided to use this as a way to explore hidden corners and facets of accords or formulations that I’m currently working on.  I’ve no doubt that turning something ephemeral like perfume into a tactile object could provide me with hidden inspiration.

Today on my walk I picked up this interesting piece of a branch and snapped a few shots in the studio.  I’m still working on getting my shots crystal clear but I’m quite happy with the overall look and feel.  It was the perfect compliment to what I was trying to achieve.

Have a happy day!