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my first mood board for perfume compositions
my first mood board for perfume compositions

I got this crazy idea over the weekend that I’ve been working like a fiend to explore and manifest.

What if perfumes weren’t marketed with sex but by allowing the wearer to use his or her imagination, with as few words as possible, to create an impression of what the perfume could smell like on their skin?  What if I could use a collage of images to communicate the feel and emotion of my compositions?

Doing so would mean I would have to be much more in tune with my creations before, during and after the formulations not just using my olfactory senses but my visual senses as well as my ability to craft words into their own image.

You may or may not know that I’m also learning photography and styling is one area that really resonates with me because it calls upon the ability to arrange visual details into a story that elicits specific emotions.  So I tried my hand at it over the last few days, worked in concert with my Bamboo tablet and here’s the final result!  My impression of my first cologne/perfume experiment for class.

I would love to hear what you think about the concept and how you think the images help or hinder the communication.  Also, would love to hear what you think this cologne smells like, to help me see if I did an effective job in arranging the scentual mood.

Have a wonder-filled weekend!