tools for mixing perfume oils


This is a great tool I use to mix my perfume oils in.  LV made these because I needed something to hold up my vials while formulating and it’s interesting to note how much freer I am to create when not unconsciously preoccupied with spilling an accord I’d painstakingly worked on for weeks.

This got me thinking, how to avoid this as much as possible and since I like experimenting with many trials I asked LV for three bars of 10 vials each and look at the beauties he lovingly created for me!

I find 5 trials of an accord a nice easy number.  Let’s say I’ve got a few ideas for a floral accord, I’ve got 3 florals in mind and I want to explore a “Floriental”, a woody floral and a powdery floral.  So I grab my first formulation bar and drop five vials in there and get to work! There’s even a place for a larger vial for accords that have matured for more than a year that I may want to add.  Using this method I’ve been able to increase dramatically my rate of experimentation — I have over 90 accords maturing!  Less than half will make it past the evaluation stage but who cares, I’m creating!

Life’s wonderful pleasures: someone who cares about your happiness enough to make you stuff by hand!  Love, love, love this tool and can’t imagine working without it now!