One of the most useful tools out there for a perfumer in training is a website called The Good Scents Company. This site should become the perfumer apprentices’ best friend.


You can browse this site for naturals as well as synthetics, by odour, CAS Number, FEMA Number, by flavour ingredient, or by cosmetic function.  There’s a database of concretes, absolutes, essential oils, natural isolates or extracts.


Find the polarity, flash point, density of most aroma chemicals even the recommended odour strength. Verify whether it’s found in nature or not, whether it’s safe to use and how to use it.  TGSC even provides a suggested list of suppliers for that specific raw material.  Oh, and did I mention they also sell small sizes of most naturals and synthetics? Yup, they do that too.

I’ve been studying perfumery for almost two years and I’m only now breaking the ice with this site.

It’s left me wondering why in the hell I hadn’t used it before!