heads up…


Thought I’d let you know what’s been happening with me here and what to expect in the next few months…

You’ve probably noticed I’ve not been around for a couple weeks, well, a serious flu had me bed-bound for 10 days. Seriously, I don’t usually get sick like that, yeah, the sniffles and a cough sure, but high fever, dizziness, the whole nine yards. I haven’t been that sick for at least 10 years if not more!

That being said I’m now waist deep in teaching so posts may¬†be sporadic and a bit leaner on musings than the others until about mid June, bear with me, things should be back to normal after that time.

This picture I took in the Perfume Museum in Grasse this summer and these enormous smelling strips hung above us in the air in the entrance. So cool!

It’s a very grey day here in the Alps. The clouds are hanging so low I feel I could reach out and touch them but I’m sending you warmth and wishing you well¬†wherever you are :).